The food-delivery startup Dine In has just launched a feature that allows diners to pay with their smartphones.

The company says its feature lets customers pay for any food in the restaurant by paying for a card, not with cash.

It is a move that could be a game changer for restaurant operators who may soon have to get creative with how they pay for their customers.

The feature is being rolled out to all restaurants, with the exception of the restaurant chain Restaurant Insider.

The idea behind Dine in’s feature is that diners will be able to tap on the restaurant’s logo and it will then display a QR code for their payment options.

That QR code will allow customers to scan their credit card information into the restaurant to pay for the meal.

Dine’s new feature is similar to the one already in use at some of the largest restaurants, including the popular Chicago-based Olive Garden, which lets diners pay with cash in order to take a seat.

Dines restaurant app also has a “pay with card” option that lets dinators pay with credit cards at the counter and also on-site.

In a video shared with Vice News, Dine CEO and co-founder Alex Kostyczyk said Dine has seen more than 1 million diners tap on their restaurants logos and pay for a table.

Dining in is the latest technology company to try to take advantage of the growing trend toward mobile payment.

Earlier this month, Dish announced a new mobile payment option that allows customers to pay using a smartphone.

The new feature, called the “Dine in,” is being added to select restaurants as well as select restaurants on select carriers.

In an interview with Vice, Kost, the co-founders of Dine, said that Dine will be adding the new feature to other restaurants.

He said that the company is currently working on expanding the DineIn feature to a larger number of restaurants and to additional carriers.

“We have to do something about how we get the word out to our customers,” he said.


“In a world where customers are increasingly using their smartphones as payment methods, it is imperative that restaurants can provide a seamless experience with customers using their smartphone and that we can help them do so,” said Alex Kastynak, Dines co-Founder.

“As a first-of-its-kind, secure mobile payment service, DiningIn provides a way for restaurants to pay customers with cash, and it is also an innovative solution for restaurants in areas where credit cards are not accepted.

We are excited to be partnering with Dinein and our partner restaurants to bring this new service to all of our restaurants.”

The company said that in addition to the new Dine app, restaurants will also be able view and tap on a restaurant’s menu items using the Dines QR code.

The Dine-in feature will be available in the U.S. in the coming weeks, and Kost said that he expects to roll out DineIns in other countries.

He also said that restaurants that already accept credit cards can expect to see the new payment option in their restaurants soon.

DINES NEW PAYING OPTION HAS MADE CHINESE FOOD FINE: ‘THANK YOU’ The restaurant chain has seen an explosion in food-ordering usage.

According to data from the restaurant industry research firm IRI, the number of food-order users in the United States doubled from 8.3 million in 2015 to 17.6 million in 2018.

Restaurants like Olive Garden and Dine Insider have seen huge growth in the number and variety of food orders, but the growth has been driven by consumers wanting to order food for quick, convenient dining.

In addition, many of the restaurants have opened new eateries in the past year, including a restaurant in Houston, which is the largest in the world.

Kostynak said that many of Dines customers have been surprised to find that the Dining app can also be used to pay at the restaurant itself.

Diners can pay with a Dine mobile app or with a restaurant credit card, and customers can choose to pay in cash or credit.

The restaurant will then use your Dine card information to process your order and deliver your order to you.

In most cases, restaurants use credit card processing companies, like Mastercard or Visa, to process and send your order.

“Customers have become so accustomed to ordering food through a mobile app that we are seeing a lot of customers requesting that Dines app can be used at restaurants,” Kostymczyk explained.

The startup is also partnering with the Food Network, which has been using Dineins mobile payment app to allow its customers to order in-person.

The network said that it is

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