New Zealand restaurant Ann Arbor Restaurants is taking on a new name: ‘Ethiopian Restaurant’.

The chain, based in the northern city of Auckland, is the latest in a series of eateries in the region to open with a vegetarian menu.

The company says its aim is to bring a ‘sustainable and ethically-minded’ dining experience to the Auckland market.

The restaurant’s menu is full of vegan options, and it’s the first in the country to feature a full-service butcher and a meat-free menu.

“We are aiming to bring people to a place that’s just a little bit different,” said Ann Arbor’s co-owner, Chris Crampton.

“It’s a bit like a restaurant with a small dining room, and that’s what we’re doing.”

Ann Arbor, a new franchise of Ann Arbor Restaurant Group, is open for lunch and dinner on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

It is not yet open to the public.

It’s also offering an option to get a vegetarian dinner to go on the table, and an option for people to bring in a veggie burger.

Cramton said he was keen to make the move to a vegetarian-friendly dining experience for the locals.

“I think it’s important that you’re able to connect with your neighbours,” he said.

“If you’re going to go out for lunch with your family, you can get a little different meal and just bring it home.”

It’s all about community.

The vegan community is thriving and growing.

“So that’s why we’ve chosen to be vegetarian.””

The people that work here, the staff are all vegan, and we have a really strong vegan community here,” he added.

“So that’s why we’ve chosen to be vegetarian.”

I think the best way to start is to have a look at what our neighbours have done, and what we can do, and start with that.

“Vegan and vegetarian dining options at Ann Arbor Ann Arbor will offer a vegetarian, vegan or vegetarian-only menu.

Ann Arbor Restaurant Group is also planning to add vegan and vegan-style options to its menu. “

When you have a vegetarian restaurant, there’s usually a vegetarian or vegetarian option on the menu,” Cramptons partner said.

Ann Arbor Restaurant Group is also planning to add vegan and vegan-style options to its menu.

The restaurant will also offer a full menu of fresh fruit and veg to go with the vegetarian offerings.

With Ann Arbor restaurants and the Ann Arbor Farmers Market already a big part of Auckland’s dining scene, the idea of a vegetarian dining experience is a great way to bring that up to date, Cramplons family said.

The Ann, Arbor Restaurant brand is already on a mission to introduce a vegetarian version of its popular vegetarian burgers, with the company launching its own restaurant in New Plymouth.

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