The New York Times has reported that New Orleans restaurant Belle D’Oro, in a city that has had a history of riots and protests, got banned as part of the Super-Bowl.

Belle Déo is located in the city of New Orleans and is named after the French word for “bell.”

A protest was planned in the early hours of the morning on March 4th and protesters have been demonstrating at the restaurant for more than two weeks now.

The New Orleans Times reports: Belle DÉO, a popular restaurant in a French Quarter neighborhood, was not invited to participate in the national anthem.

In a statement posted on Facebook, the restaurant’s owner, Billie Jean King, said that the ban would affect her business.

She said she had not been consulted before the ban, which she said was announced Wednesday evening.

King said she hoped the ban was reversed, but she said she would continue to do business as usual and planned to reopen soon.

The ban has reignited tensions between the city and New Orleans over the Superbowl.

In March, police officers blocked traffic in front of the restaurant in protest of the police killing of Eric Garner, a black man, and in January, residents of the French Quarter protested the Supercoup, a ban on the sale of alcohol.

In May, a group of people burned an effigy of Mayor Mitch Landrieu in effigies of the mayor and police.

In November, police killed 17-year-old Tamir Rice, a young black boy, after Rice’s family accused them of not doing enough to keep him safe during a police chase.

In the wake of the Garner death, the city released a video showing a police officer fatally shooting a 17-month-old boy after he reached for a toy gun.

On Monday, the Times reported that the city was investigating whether the ban violated the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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