The New South Wales Premier has asked a top food safety adviser to investigate whether Fort lauderes restaurants in Fort Bend and Port Stephens could be unsafe.

The inquiry was launched after a spate of serious food poisoning cases in the town.

It follows an outbreak of gastroenteritis in Fort Garry in July, when more than 20 people developed diarrhoea and other serious food-borne illnesses.

“The State Government is requesting an independent expert review into the safety of Fort laudordale restaurants in the Fort Bend area,” Premier Gladys Berejiklian said.

“As the Premier has said, there is no safe food source for this population, but I think the health advice of our food safety expert is that the safest food source is a home cooked meal.”

Ms Berejiskian said there was a need for a “robust food safety system in this region” to reduce the spread of food-related illnesses.

In July, the NSW Government announced it would invest $50 million in food safety, including the hiring of up to 500 staff, in the state’s south-east.

It said the state was also setting up a regional food safety unit.

The NSW Government has also promised to set up a joint food safety team to oversee food-safe eating and dining areas.

In a statement, Ms Berejaiklians health spokesperson, Jillian Brown, said the Government was working to establish the best and safest food sources for the Fort lauders.

“Food safety experts have assessed the risk and the food sources are safe,” she said.

The Premier has previously stated the only safe food in her electorate was from home-cooked meals, and she said Fort laudors restaurants should be shut down in the event of a foodborne outbreak.

“If it is a food borne illness, the only option is to cook the food properly in a home-cooking environment, in a way that is safe to the community,” Ms Berejas said.

Ms Brown said the Food Safety and Standards Authority of Australia had advised the State Government in June that Fort laudards restaurants in Port Stephens and Fort Bend were unsafe to eat.

“I think the only people that should be in that restaurant are those who are actually prepared to be there, and not people who are not prepared to actually cook the meal,” she told the ABC.

Ms Berejanis health spokesperson said the Health Department was aware of the Fort luis coronavirus outbreak.

The Government said it was “aware of the reported serious foodborne illness cases in Fort Lluis”.

The Government has been monitoring the outbreak and had asked the health department to provide information about the outbreak, the Premier said.

In April, a Fort lauds restaurant was fined $1,200 for failing to have a food safety plan in place.

In June, a restaurant in the western town of Port Stephens was fined a total of $1.4 million after two people were sickened after eating there.

In March, two people died after eating at a Fort Luka restaurant.

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