I love Naperville.

The community is friendly, the food is great and the people are great.

It is my hometown.

But I think that in the past few years, a lot of people in Napoli have forgotten how to live there.

So, I thought, why not find some great restaurants that you can visit at home.

I have found some amazing spots to eat in Napi and I wanted to share with you what I have discovered.

Here are some of the best spots to dine at home that I have visited over the past five years: 1.

The Ritz-Carlton Napoli restaurant in Napoose, New York.

It’s a cozy restaurant that is tucked away inside a beautiful former mansion.

It was a great place to enjoy a dinner with friends and family over the holidays.

If you want to dined out, there are plenty of other great dining options on the patio.


The Pesto and Bacon restaurant in the old Main Street of Napo.

It has some of America’s best pizza and Italian dishes, and it also serves delicious baked goods.


The Stumptown Italian restaurant in Stumtsville, Maryland.

It offers an array of great Italian cuisine, from the classics like Caporetto to the lighter fare like lasagna.

It also serves the freshest ingredients in a clean, safe environment.


The Delmonico’s Deli in Newport News, Virginia.

It serves a large variety of deli meats, including some of Napoli’s signature Sicilian and Creole dishes.


The Olive Garden in Baltimore, Maryland has a huge variety of pasta dishes, as well as a variety of sandwiches, salads, soups, and more.


The Cheddar Bar in Arlington, Virginia has a variety from grilled cheese to roasted cheeses.


The Blue Ribbon Restaurant in New York City.

It specializes in delicious American classics such as the Blue Ribbon Sandwich, Blue Ribbon Soup, and Blue Ribbon Dinner.


The Gourmet Cafe in Baltimore has some delicious Italian dishes like Pasta with a Side of Meatballs and Chicken Parmesan.


The Little Italy in Baltimore is a great neighborhood spot with delicious Italian food.


The Bistro in Atlanta, Georgia has some incredible Italian dishes.


The Muffin Queen in Atlanta has some great Italian sandwiches and salads.


The Le Grange Restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky.


The Steakhouse in Cincinnati has some excellent Italian and French cuisine, as do the other restaurants in Cincinnati.


The Restaurant at the Del Monte in New Orleans has some classic Italian food, including the Bistros Pasta, Meatball Pasta and Beef Pasta.


The Italian Restaurant at The Beach in Chicago has some tasty Italian food and a great wine list.


The La Bourse in Washington, DC is a nice Italian restaurant with great Italian dishes and good wine.


The Tres Hombres in Orlando, Florida is a favorite for people who enjoy fine dining and excellent wine.


The French Quarter Restaurant in Washington DC has some really great French cuisine.


The House of Gourmet in New Bedford, Massachusetts has some amazing French cuisine and delicious wine.


The Café at The Biltmore Hotel in Las Vegas has some fantastic French cuisine such as The L’Ange and The Tournois.


The Nantucket Restaurant in Boston has some good French cuisine including The Tarte Lait and The Chocolat and the famous Flemish Lager.


The Americano Italian Restaurant in Baltimore serves some of New England’s best Italian cuisine.


The Lola in Cincinnati serves some good Italian food such as L’Osservatore Romano and the excellent Sausage with Cheese.


The The Mancini in Baltimore also serves some really good Italian cuisine such to the Pizzeria dell’Arturo and the best pizza in Baltimore.


The Chez Miro in Brooklyn serves some great dishes like the Linguine and Baked Potato.


The Sperry in Philadelphia has some unique Italian dishes including the Gumbo Pasta which is made with meatballs and is made from the bones of a goat and is a must for all New York pizzerias.


The Brisco in Chicago serves some very unique Italian food like the Gourmet Burger and The Pizzarito with Eggplant and Cheese.


The Spaghetti and Meatballs at the Biltmans Italian Market in Louisville is a popular destination for Italian food lovers.


The Caputo in Pittsburgh has a very unique and delicious pasta, as does the Caputo at The Pita Pit.


The Cafe La Terza in San Francisco has some interesting dishes such as Baked Pasta Fettuccine and the Pizza with Eggpl

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