SAN FRANCISCO —  A restaurant owner in the San Francisco Bay Area who runs the restaurant that opened its doors to hundreds of customers after a gunman killed 14 people in Las Vegas last week said he had to choose between his family and his job.

The shooting at a country music festival in Las “shocked the world” when he learned it had taken place in his hometown of San Francisco, said Jack Daley, owner of The Cafe.

He said the gunman was a “very good guy” who could have been a “nice guy” but chose to kill and wound the people he loved, including his wife, daughter and son-in-law.

Daley said the shooter’s father and mother were both killed in the attack, and he said he was not sure if they were still living.

In his statement, Daley said his life changed when he met his wife and daughter in their new home, a two-story brick building in the upscale San Francisco neighborhood of Oakland, which is home to restaurants, bars and restaurants.

“This is how we started our family, with the love of this town and with the support of the people,” he said.

I’ve had a family member die, he said, and I can’t say what the state of my family’s going to be.

It is hard to see what that’s going from here.

I love my family.

They are my family now.

But it’s also hard to live here in a country where you can shoot someone for no reason, and there are people who are trying to kill people, and we don’t know how to deal with it.

“Daley and his wife have lived in Oakland since they bought the building in 2010.

He is the father of four daughters.

Daley’s daughter, who works as a food-delivery driver, is the first person he has had to talk to since the attack.

He was not there when the gunman started firing, she said, adding that she and Daley had been together for eight years.

The cafe is one of the few places left in the area that has reopened after the massacre.

On Monday, Dameron, whose family has been in Oakland for almost 30 years, took his wife out to a local restaurant for lunch, the first time in a while he has been able to do so.

He asked for the same kind of food he got at The Cafe, and his family is now eating there, he told The Chronicle.

The cafe has been open since February, when Daley opened it to more than 100 customers who wanted to try the dishes he had made.

But he was forced to close after the shooting, Daly said.

The restaurant had more than 1,500 reservations before the gunman shot the patrons, he wrote on his blog.

He had booked more than 10,000 guests since then.

Daley wrote that he was “very lucky to have a business that I love, but at the same time I feel incredibly grateful that my family was spared.”

He added that he would “never want to lose a job like this again.”

On Tuesday, Dylons daughter tweeted a photo of her with a caption that read: “We are so blessed, Jack Dales mother is now home safe & my daughter is home safe.”

A man walks past the Cafe restaurant in Oakland, California on Monday, Feb. 15, 2017.

An employee opens the door to the cafe in Oakland.

A restaurant employee opens a window as they walk past the cafe on Sunday, Feb, 15, to look at the entrance to the Cafe.

People are seen outside the Cafe on Sunday.

Some patrons walk past a Cafe restaurant.

Jack Daley stands next to his daughter in a restaurant after he opened it for customers last month in Oakland.(Katherine Frey/The Chronicle via AP)Daley, an Oakland native, said he and his employees were surprised to see so many people coming through the front door of the cafe Sunday.

He told The Associated Press that he had hoped people would return soon to check out the new restaurant.

Daly said he is looking forward to having more guests come in.

He posted a photo to Instagram of his daughter, then 3, eating a chicken burger, a traditional Chinese meal that is a staple in China.

She said she was still waiting for the next order to come through the door.

There were many people there Sunday, he added.

Many people are outside the cafe as they wait for the new Cafe to open in Oakland on Monday.

After being out in the cafe for nearly four hours, the cafe was filled with customers, Dilly said.

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