A new name is coming to Cantin, Mexico, as an upscale Mexican restaurant with a Mexican twist opens this week.

The Cantin Mexicano restaurant, named after Mexican immigrants, will serve Mexican cuisine with an emphasis on southern cuisine, said owner Carlos Cancia.

Cantin has a population of about 11,000 people, and the restaurant is the first of its kind in the state, according to the Mexican Consulate in Washington.

Cantina Mexico will open on Friday, Oct. 20, according the Cantin News.

It will be one of five restaurants in Mexico City that are named for immigrants, said Luis Manuel Garcia, the mayor of Cantin.

Cantin Me xico, in the city of Cantinas, Mexico.

| Photo: Carlos Cangia/Facebook.

Mexican Consulate spokesman Fernando Martinez said Cantin is one of the first Mexican restaurants to be named after immigrants.

The Cantin restaurant is in the heart of Cantinos district and the city has been the center of the Mexican community in the area for years, Martinez said.

The restaurant is not open to the public, and will serve food with local ingredients.

Cantinas residents are encouraged to come to Cantinas Cantina, where they can take a dip in a communal pool or try a traditional Mexican food, such as the chicken tres leches, he said.

Cants cantina, the cantina in Cantin and a popular Mexican restaurant, opened in March.

It is located on the corner of Washington and Pennsylvania Streets in the southern part of the city.

It was named after a town in Mexico called Cantin which was the first place to have a restaurant named after an immigrant, said Cancias brother, Carlos.

He added that Cantin Cantina is now the official name of the Cantinos Cantin Restaurant chain.

Cans Cantin opened in January.

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