Houston (AP) The Asian-style Chinese restaurants are getting a new lease on life in Houston, thanks to an influx of Chinese-Americans.

Many of the restaurants that used to be tucked away in neighborhoods are opening their doors to the public.

The latest news comes in the form of a lawsuit filed last week by Houston restaurant owners.

A federal judge has ordered the city to make some changes to how it enforces its ban on serving Chinese food.

The plaintiffs argue that the ban violates their constitutional right to equal protection under the law.

The lawsuit was filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Houston.

The restaurant owners claim they have been served with a complaint alleging that they discriminated against Asian-Americans by charging them higher prices and limiting the size of their entrees.

Houston restaurants have been criticized for serving Chinese foods, with some saying the dishes are overpriced.

They also say Chinese food should be included on menus to promote the city’s cultural ties with China.

The Asian restaurants were started in the 1920s by Chinese immigrants in the city, but by the 1960s the restaurant industry had fallen out of favor with Chinese Americans, according to the lawsuit.

It was only in the 1980s that Houston’s Asian population grew, but the city has been on the forefront of efforts to diversify the city and attract more Chinese tourists.

The Chinese restaurant industry was one of the few to survive the economic downturn.

In 2015, the Asian Restaurant Association of Greater Houston filed a lawsuit to have a similar ban reinstated.

The new lawsuit claims that the new rules were made to appease business owners who want to keep the Chinese restaurants open, the lawsuit states.

It asks the court to order Houston to stop making changes to the ban that would allow restaurants to serve Chinese food at a reasonable price, according the lawsuit, which is not the first time Asian-American groups have challenged the ban.

The law requires restaurants serving Chinese cuisine to serve it at a price that does not exceed five dollars per person per person.

The ban was put in place after the U.K. banned Chinese restaurants from serving on its streets in 1992.

The U.A.E. banned similar Chinese-American-owned restaurants in 2010, but restaurants like Denny’s and Chongqing’s were allowed to stay open until 2015.

Denny of the Denny Chang chain opened its doors in Houston in 1995.

The chain has since expanded to more than 20 countries and now has more than 6,500 restaurants across the U, Canada and the U

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