The Trump family, which has become a global icon with its lavish lifestyle, is about to launch a luxury chain of restaurants, but the company is selling them for only $30,000 each.

The Trump Dicks Restaurant is a partnership between Trump Hotels, LLC, and the Trump Family Foundation.

“The Trump family has been an unparalleled brand for generations and this partnership with the Trump Foundation allows us to leverage the Trump brand to provide unparalleled access to customers, while giving back to our community,” said Matt Dickson, the company’s CEO and co-founder.

The restaurants will be opened in late 2018 in California, New York, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Texas, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

The new Trump Diggies restaurants are set to open later this year in New York City, Washington, DC, Las Vegas, Boston, Miami, Orlando, Seattle and Chicago.

The company’s first new restaurants will open in New Jersey, Florida and Texas in 2019.

The chain is the latest example of the Trump Organization expanding its business into luxury real estate, a sector that has seen its share of acquisitions.

The family is now the second-biggest property owner in the world, according to Forbes magazine, with about $2.4 trillion worth of real estate assets.

“We’re seeing a lot of success with the brand,” said Jeffrey Kohn, president and CEO of the Kohn Group, a property management firm.

“There are still some challenges that need to be overcome, but our strategy has always been to help build a foundation that helps grow the Trump name globally.”

The company also owns more than 50 luxury resorts and hotels across the US and has announced plans to open three more resorts in the next few years.

A $10 million donation from the Trump’s children is helping pay for the new restaurants.

It’s a gift to the Kogan family, who also contributed $100 million to the presidential campaigns of the previous two presidents.

The Donald J. Trump Foundation, which will be overseen by the Trump foundation, will donate $25 million to support the restaurants, which aim to provide a wide range of affordable dining options to local businesses and local communities.

“Our focus has always had been to provide restaurants with access to the freshest ingredients, with a level of quality that is unparalleled in the industry,” said Andrew Fazio, a spokesman for the foundation.

“For the first time in history, the Trump Ditties restaurants will offer the highest quality of dining experiences to the communities they serve.”

Restaurants like the Trump Grill and Trump Dinks will also be open in other cities across the world including New York and London.

“It’s important that we stay ahead of the curve and not be the only player in the restaurant business,” Mr Kohn said.

“But at the same time, we’re very excited about the opportunity to partner with this very well-known brand.”

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