Mexico’s restaurant industry is in a precarious state after the death of its top chicken restaurant in Mexico City.

A recent report by the United States-based nonprofit Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations says that while Mexico is a major chicken exporter, the country’s chicken consumption has fallen dramatically.

According to the report, in 2015, Mexico consumed an estimated 7.5 million pounds of chicken and eggs.

By 2020, the number was estimated to have dropped to just over 2.1 million pounds.

The report cited data from the World Chicken Council, which estimated that Mexico’s meat consumption had fallen to 1.8 million pounds in 2019.

The data cited by the report is a reflection of how Mexico’s economy has changed.

A lot of people don’t eat meat anymore, and there is a very small number of people who still eat chicken, which means there’s a lot of chicken that has to be produced.

But in order to feed the entire country, it would require a lot more than chicken, according to the WCC.

“The poultry industry in Mexico has collapsed.

Mexico’s consumption of poultry has dropped from almost 6 million pounds per year to under 3 million pounds a year, and now Mexico is losing a lot, because we are importing a lot and a lot less of chicken,” said Jose Manuel Gonzalez, the chief executive officer of El Tiempo, a Mexican restaurant chain.

El Tiemanos chicken is made with a different kind of chicken: a brand new breed that is more resistant to the disease avian flu than its predecessor.

The new chicken breeds are particularly suited for a Mexican market that has long been plagued by avian influenza.

Mexico has been suffering from the pandemic for nearly three years, with outbreaks in cities such as Mexico City and Ciudad Juarez and a massive spread of the virus throughout the country.

According to the World Health Organization, the disease is expected to kill more than a million people in the next two years.

Mexico City’s Mexican Restaurant Association has reported that sales in its sector have fallen 25 percent since April 2017, while the number of restaurants in Mexico is at its lowest level since the pandemics began.

It has been estimated that the industry has lost more than $15 billion in revenue since 2015.

The World Health Organisation says the pandestinitis outbreak has made Mexico a target for other countries, which have sought to bolster their own economies by investing in their poultry.

Mexico is also struggling to recover from a massive wave of migrants who arrived after the pandics began in 2014.

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