A Seattle restaurant is offering free Korean food to all diners after an employee made a $2,000 payment to the restaurant’s owner.

The restaurant, The Pigeon House, said it made the payment after the restaurant manager said the employee could no longer work.

The employee was fired after the manager learned of the payment, according to a news release from the restaurant.

The Pounceys owner, John Hwang, said the restaurant was trying to help the customer by giving them a chance to pay their bills, according the release.

A customer asked if the restaurant could give him a free Korean meal, and the manager agreed, according Hwang.

Hwang said the manager was fired because he lied to the manager, which is a misdemeanor in Washington.

The manager told The Associated Press that Hwang and the restaurant did not want the manager to be fired because the customer was happy with the food.

A spokesperson for the restaurant, Kwanhee Restaurant, said that the restaurant would pay the employee $1,000 for the meal and give the employee a free meal on Tuesday.

Kwanees management and the business owners management are continuing to investigate the circumstances surrounding the employee’s termination, the restaurant said in the release, and that no criminal charges will be filed.

In August, the Washington State Department of Labor issued a report saying that Korean restaurants are generally exempt from some minimum wage and overtime rules.

The department said that it reviewed the restaurant workers compensation case of an employee who was terminated from his job at the restaurant for failing to pay the restaurant $2.5 million.

The worker, who was fired in August, had been on the job for two years and worked more than 700 hours per week.

The report said the worker was entitled to overtime pay for working more than the minimum wage.

The federal agency also noted that most restaurants do not require any health insurance coverage for their workers.

Kwonhee Restaurant said the owner was told that he would not be allowed to collect overtime from the employee, but the restaurant refused to pay overtime and the employee did not receive the payment.

The company is offering the employee free Korean cuisine and meals for two weeks at no cost, according a statement from the business.

The statement said the company is seeking additional information from the department about the circumstances of the employee being fired and the termination.

Hwaseung Kim, an associate professor at the University of Washington, said if this was an isolated incident, the company could be fined for violating wage and hour law.

Hwanhee’s owner, Hwang Yoon, has said that he did not lie to the employee and that he does not have a criminal record, according CNN.

He also said he has been an employee of the restaurant since 2005.

He told CNN in August that he is willing to work for the company and that it is not unusual for his employees to make payments to their managers.

The Seattle Times reports that the investigation into the restaurant is ongoing and that the manager who was not fired was fired without cause.

A representative for The Pukeon House said in a statement that the owner has no plans to make the payment or apologize to anyone for the misunderstanding.

The investigation has been reopened, and no further action is planned, according Kwanee Restaurant.

A spokesman for the Seattle Police Department said the department has no information about the case.

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