San Antonio restaurants have become a staple for many locals.

But some are offering more than just a meal.

We spoke to some of the best restaurants in the area for tips on which to eat at the most affordable prices.1.

Chateau d’Orsay: $10.99-$11.99 for a $22.99 mealThe Chateaux d’Orsay is located on a beautiful hill overlooking the San Antonio River.

The restaurant is named after the late Louis de Chateaubriand, a renowned French painter who is credited with creating the painting, “The Fall of Paris.”

The restaurant serves up the most expensive meal in the city.

They serve up the famous, but not the most.

The chef, Louis de Sade, said it was a great lunch for two, with a $10 steak for $19.99.

They also have two sides, such as the French fries and lobster.

But the most memorable dish is the dessert.

The dessert is a “lionfish,” which is actually a grilled, grilled lobster.

It’s served with the traditional white bread.

For $11.49, it’s the most popular dessert in the restaurant.

You can also add ice cream and ice cream sandwiches.2.

The Chateaus: $11-$13 for a two-course dinnerThe Chates restaurant serves a large, intimate dining room, with views of downtown.

It offers a large menu, with items ranging from steak to seafood to vegetarian options.

The menu is also packed with great deals on wine, beer, cocktails, and desserts.

There’s a small patio in the back, with wine bars and a full bar.3.

La Vida: $13-$15 for a meal with a side of friesThe La Vidias is located in a beautiful park.

It serves up a wide array of dishes, including a steak with vegetables and cheese.

It has a huge menu with prices ranging from $15 to $18.

They offer the most economical meal.

They only serve up $14 for a three-course meal, but it’s not as cheap as the steak.

The main dish is served with a plate of bread and cabbage, followed by the main course.

You get a side dish of beef and pork, as well as sides of salad and beans.4.

La Jolla: $15-$20 for a lunch or dinnerThe La Jollas is located at the end of the San Jacinto Expressway.

They have an open kitchen, where they offer a variety of menu options.

It also has a small bar, with drinks, wine, and other drink options.5.

La Paz: $20-$25 for a large lunch and dinnerThe El Paso restaurant is located near the Mexican border, just outside of El Paso.

It is located just outside the city limits, near the border fence.

It features an extensive menu, including chicken, beef, and shrimp.

You are also able to customize the menu with a wide variety of sides, which is great if you are looking for a specific dish.

It only has a main course of beef, but you can add sides such as beef stew, Mexican-style chicken, and pork.6.

La Mar Vista: $25-$35 for a full mealThe La Marves are located on La Pinto Boulevard.

They are known for their seafood and Mexican dishes.

It was on the top of the list of restaurants that was the most visited for a Mexican restaurant, and it’s a very popular spot.

The seafood is usually priced between $25 and $35.

You also get a salad and side dishes, and they also offer a beer.7.

Baja California Grill: $35-$40 for a whole mealThe Baja restaurants in San Jacinás have a full menu that ranges from $40 to $50.

You have a choice of steak, seafood, and a lot more.

The steak and seafood are priced at $35, and the entrees range from $50 to $55.

You will also get drinks, desserts, and wine.

They will have a cocktail bar.8.

La Villa: $40-$50 for a dinnerThe restaurant in the downtown area serves up some of San Antonio’s best eats, including tacos, quesadillas, and guacamole.

You may also enjoy a large steak, but the steak is often priced between about $40 and $50 and you can choose between steak and vegetables.9.

La Villita: $45-$50For the most reasonable price, you can also choose from the menu of tacos and chicken, or opt for a vegetarian option.10.

La Cajon: $55-$60 for a small mealA popular restaurant in La Cahons, the chef is Daniel Zorzi.

He also has two other restaurants in downtown San Antonio.

He specializes in traditional Mexican dishes,

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