If you’re looking for the best, most sought after steakhouse around town, you’ll be glad to know you can find it in Tampa.

We asked Yelp reviewers and experts to rate their favorite restaurants in Tampa to find out which ones are the best.

While the number of Tampa restaurants can be overwhelming, we thought we’d give you some guidelines.1.

You’ll probably have to wait longer than the typical steakhouse.

We found that Tampa restaurants are generally very busy and have limited parking spaces.

We think it’s a good idea to wait at least an hour to enjoy the restaurant and to have a nice table for the time it takes to cook the steak.2.

If you do want to try something new, you’re going to have to book ahead.

Many restaurants require you to book a seat before you can order.

And wait times can vary wildly depending on the type of reservation you make.

We recommend calling ahead and scheduling a reservation if you want to eat with a friend or family member.3.

Restaurants will be a little more crowded when it’s summertime, but the wait for your meal is usually shorter than in the winter.

Some restaurants offer outdoor seating or outdoor seating options.

If that’s something you’d like to try, consider trying a restaurant on the beach.4.

Be prepared to spend an arm and a leg to get a table.

We’ve found that restaurants tend to have limited seating options in the summertime and will often be packed during the day.

That means it’s best to book in advance.

If your reservation requires you to walk up to the counter, ask the servers if they have outdoor seating, or call ahead and reserve a table before you go.5.

Restaurant menus vary widely, but some are well known and some are not.

Some of our favorite Tampa restaurants include:The Big Dig, St. Louis steakhouse, Tampa, Tampa Bay,Tampa Bay,The Big Diner,Bishop’s Diner ,Fargo,Lakeland,St. Petersburg,Lakewood,Reno,Orange,Rochester,Bryan’s Dining,Bud’s,Rio Rancho,Hilton,St Petersburg,Tallahassee,Lake Charles,Lancaster,Fayetteville,Fulham,Lauderdale,Sarasotas,Lake Mary,Lake Buena Vista,Lincoln,Lake Worth,Stuart,Lakeville,Lake St. Lucie,Cadillac,Chateau Marmont,Lamar,Lovestock,Pasadena,Cranberry,Pinellas,Palm Beach,Orange County,Orange Park,Salinas,St Johns,Shelby,Crowne Plaza,Spartanburg,Cypress,Lake Tahoe,Tahoe,Lake Forest,Toledo,West Palm Beach,Lake Oswego,Fort Worth,Fort Myers,Westfield,Fort Walton Beach,Newport Beach,Pascagoula,Cocoa Beach,Culver City,Covina,Fort Pierce,Marlboro,Santee,Somerset,Sanford,North Little Rock,North Miami,St Pete,West Miami,Lake Villa,Orlando,Gulf Breeze,Orleans,Titusville,Pensacola,Fort Lauderdale,Toms River,Saratoga Springs,Pompano Beach,Tulsa,Lake Bluff,Port Charlotte,Port St. Johns,St Augustine,Tupelo,Jacksonville,Port Arthur,Jackson,Jackson City,Milton,Westport,Hollywood,Ocala,Merritt Island,Tucson,Fort Smith,Tuscon,Tulare,Boca Raton,Tuscaloosa,St Cloud,Orwell,Tullahoma,Bristol,Fultonville,Suffolk,Sulphur Springs,Tompkinsville,Cortland,Newark,Tobacco Lake,Coral Gables,Ormond Beach,Norfolk,Chesapeake Bay,Cape May,Troy,Crest Point,New Smyrna Beach,Garden City,Lumberton,Lake City,Stamford,Bend,Lake Highlands,Sparks City,Lake Stevens,Sturgis,Fremont,Westland,Gainesville,Canton,Cleveland,Cuyahoga Falls,Gardendale,Covington,Raleigh,Cary,Rutland,Rockingham,Henderson,Cincinnati,Shenandoah,Preston,Louisville,Louisiana City,Columbus,Trenton,Memphis,Lafayette,Cayce,Louisburg,Staunton,Lebanon,Lubbock,Harrison,Memphist

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