There are soul food restaurants all over the country.

They’re like mom-and-pop shops that serve up soul food, usually with no fancy ingredients.

But what about a restaurant that is in the tradition of a soul food restaurant?

We’re talking about Cape May restaurants.

But they’re a lot more than that.

The Cape May Soul Food Restaurant Association (CMSFRA) is a group of about 50 soul food enthusiasts who are working to spread the word of soul food in the Cape May region.

They call it “Soul Food” because the food comes from scratch.

They don’t have a menu, just the ingredients they use to make the food.

The CMSFAA says that if you go to any of these places, you will be treated like a regular customer.

You’re served with food that’s made fresh, hand-crafted, and by hand.

It’s all done by hand, which is the only way to make a food that has been in the kitchen for years.

The owners of these restaurants have a mission to spread soul food throughout the region, even if it’s just for a few days.

You see it at the Cape Isabella Soul Food and Spirits, the soul food joint that was started by former Port Chester restaurateur and former Port Charlotte Soul Food director, Mark D’Angelo.

They sell soul food and other food in a very simple way.

They serve it on tap, and they have a small bar where they also serve their famous soul food.

It also happens to be a great spot to get the authentic spirit of a local area.

Cape May residents can’t be far away from these restaurants.

I have been visiting these restaurants for years and they are amazing.

If you want a local-style soul food experience, I think you can find it.

The places are usually tucked away in the community, so there are no drive-thru stands.

You can even get your food delivered to your door, and the staff will take care of you.

And it’s usually not pricey.

I’ve been to a few of the places, and it’s pretty cheap.

I usually order a side of chicken or a side salad.

And the food is always pretty tasty.

It usually has some of the best tasting soul food you’ll find anywhere.

You’ll definitely want to try them out if you’re in the area, but if you are, you might want to make your way to one of the other Cape May soul food spots.

The restaurants are usually in a little little area that’s just around the corner from a local grocery store or convenience store.

You might want a bag of soul snacks for yourself and a big bowl of soul for someone else.

I love to eat in the afternoon with a group and enjoy the atmosphere.

And if you don’t want to wait for someone to come over to get food, you can bring your own food.

I find that it’s easier to get a bite to eat with friends in the evenings.

So when I’m visiting the area in the evening, I go to the Cape isabella, which I think is one of my favorite places to eat.

And you’ll get to eat there with me if you get there early.

There are a couple of other restaurants around the Cape.

I like to go to one called Soul Food.

And I like the Cape Moms Soul Food because it’s very family-friendly and it also serves a lot of other soul food that is similar to what I like.

And then you can go to a place called The Cape Isabellas, which has soul food from local and local producers.

You could have the same plate of food as I did and they will also serve it to you.

I think that’s one of those soul food places where you can actually eat soul food with your friends.

So, the next time you’re at a Cape May restaurant, you’re going to want to get yourself some soul food to eat and get your friends together for a great dinner.

You just might not want to eat anything else!

We have a new segment coming out that I think will help people find soul food!

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