There’s no denying that the $100 bills are not a popular form of currency, but there are some good reasons to keep them.

Here are some of the reasons why: 1.

It’s more valuable than a gold watch.

For $2.50, you’re more likely to spend $100 at a restaurant or a mall than a $1 bill.

And that’s if you buy them at a cash register.

But a gold or silver bill is also more likely than a credit card to be lost or stolen.

You can also lose your credit card at the ATM or at a bank.

“If you’re a credit-card holder, it’s more important to maintain your account,” said Robert R. Haggard, director of financial literacy for the University of Notre Dame’s Institute for Consumer Economics.

“That’s why you want to keep your money safe.

It won’t get lost in the mail.”


You’ll spend more than you spend.

If you spend $1 on a pair of pants, it’ll take less time to make the same purchase, and it will take less money to pay for it.

But if you spend a $2 bill and spend $10, that bill will take about the same time to pay.

“You’re actually getting a return on your dollar,” said Daniel G. Kallos, a professor of consumer economics at the University at Buffalo.

“In fact, you are paying less in terms of saving.”


It helps save you money.

“Most of the people that lose their bills don’t really do much other than to lose money,” said Kallios.

“But the people who keep their bills are spending money, they’re saving money.”


You won’t be bothered by the bill.

When you see a bill in the mailbox, it isn’t a reminder that you have to pay it.

You don’t have to see it in person, or even read it in a book, so it doesn’t matter that much what you see is a paper copy.

And if you are going to go to the bank, you won’t see the bill on the other side of the counter, so the bill is probably just sitting in your pocket or wallet.

And in most cases, you will still be able to find it on the counter at your bank, even if you can’t find the original.


It looks neat.

The bills are often adorned with stickers that say things like “Keep Your Own,” “Don’t Sell,” or “Donate Money.”

It’s an inexpensive way to say “thank you” to a friend or family member for your generosity, and you can even change the date of the date on the bill and place a picture of the person who gave it to you.


It doesn’t feel bad to have your money in a bag.

If the bills are in a plastic bag or other sturdy, heavy material, you don’t feel guilty about having your money with you.

“It’s not something that is very important to people who don’t own the bills, but it’s important for people who do,” said Gartner, who specializes in consumer psychology.


It gives you peace of mind.

If your money ever gets lost or damaged, it doesn´t mean you can\’t have fun with it.

If it has a lot of sentimental value, you can use it to decorate your home.

But with a $100 or $200 bill, you shouldn’t feel like it is an investment.

“A $1 is a very expensive asset, and the fact that you can put it on your mantelpiece or in your closet or wherever you put it means that you’re able to have a good time and enjoy yourself,” said Haggart.

“Even though it’s $2 or $3, you still get to spend it.”


It keeps things from getting out of order.

A $1 bills note, for example, will have all the numbers and letters in the world on it, but when someone starts scribbling, that can be distracting.

“The $1 will never be the same as a $10 bill,” said Rizvi.

“I have to remind myself to keep the $1 and write down all of the numbers in the $10 and $1, and that makes it a lot easier.”


It makes you feel more secure.

“There’s a lot more security in having a $5 bill,” Haggards said.

“For me, that’s just a very, very expensive, very valuable asset.”


You’re not a bank customer.

If there are no ATM machines in your area, or if your bank doesn’t accept credit cards, you probably won’t have access to your $1 or $2 bills.

But most of the time, there are ATM machines and credit card machines, and both are easy to use. 11. It can

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