My dad and two children were in the kitchen when they heard a loud bang, and they thought it was a child crying.

They were shocked to discover they had been trapped in a kitchen with a man who they thought was a friend of their.

“I had just gone into the kitchen and was trying to open the door, and he just sat there in the middle of the kitchen for about 30 minutes and kept banging on the door,” dad Greg Perkins told 7.30.

“We were pretty shocked, because the only thing we’ve heard is that he’s been banging on doors and he’s trying to get people to come in.”

It was quite terrifying.

“There were a couple of kids in there, there were two little girls and they were just in the same room.”

The door wouldn’t budge.

I mean there’s no way it was going to open, it was just stuck there.

“They didn’t even know it was there.

They just thought it’s just a normal thing they do when they have children.”

Mr Perkins and his wife, who had come from Tasmania for a week, were not the only ones who heard the noise.

So I said ‘what’s going on?’, and she went out to get a hammer and went to pick up a hammer.””

They were outside in the backyard.”

So I said ‘what’s going on?’, and she went out to get a hammer and went to pick up a hammer.

“Mr and Mrs Perkins said they had no idea the man was in there.

They also had no way of knowing if the man had killed the family, or if he had set them on fire.”

One of the kids, who’s a pretty big lad, said, ‘he’s just been messing around with the children.’

“So we went out and looked, and we found the dead body of a little girl, which was in the bottom of the cupboard,” he said.

“And there were a few things that weren’t really apparent.”

But I think he’s probably done it because he’s seen all the children.

“He said they thought he had been having some sort of fight with a child at the time.”

He was like ‘it’s my fault.

I’m the one who’s the father.

I have to go and kill the children’, so we left,” he explained.”

Then we went back to our house and found the body of my dad, and I think the other kid.”‘

They’re like, ‘Oh my God, I’ve got to go get help”The family, who has two grown children, said they were not worried about what was happening at the restaurant.”

Everything was OK, they were all fine.

There was no problems, no problems whatsoever,” Greg Perkin said.

He said the man, who was wearing a white hoodie and a white jacket, had been working on a mobile phone.”

This guy came in and he was saying to me, ‘my name is Mr Perkins, my name is Peter’, so I was like, what is he saying to you?,” Mr Perks said.”(The man) kept telling me he’s going to kill me, and then he started stabbing my dad.””

I started screaming, and my dad was like in the corner of his eye and just holding his stomach, and that’s when I saw blood coming out of his nose.

“The family has been told the man is not their only family member in the restaurant, and there is a third family in the neighbouring house.”

When I got there I was really shocked.

I was just like, how did they get in here?

“Mr Perkin added.”

As we were looking at the body, we realised there were three bodies in there.

“He and his family are now living with the man’s sister, who is also from Tasmania, while he works as a labourer.

Mr Perks, who does not speak English, said he had no plans to report the incident to police.”

You have to take the story at face value.

I had no intention of going to the police, I just don’t know what to say,” he told 7,000 ABC Perth.

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