JAMAICA, NEW YORK –(BUSINESS WIRE)–(BUSKEY NEWS)–The American Beverage Association (ABA) today announced the winners of the 2013 Beverage Design Contest.

The winners are:American Grill Bar, a popular restaurant in New Jersey.

American Grill Bar was named Best American Grill Restaurant for its “delicious and authentic” food and service, which includes an extensive menu with both local and regional ingredients.

American Grill is located at 1450 N. Jersey Ave.

in Hoboken, New Jersey.(Photos: American Grill, Instagram)The American Grill bar won Best American Restaurant for the “delightful and authentic food and drink, including a menu with locally sourced ingredients” and the “beverage is prepared by our local team of talented and skilled baristas.”

The American Barista and Chef was awarded Best American Barbecue and best bar grilling experience, while the New Jersey Barbecue Restaurant was awarded the Best Barbecue in New York for its fresh, tender meats and service.

The Best American BBQ was awarded for the grilled meats and sauces and the best bar grill in New England.

The Best New Jersey BBQ was named best barbecue in New Mexico.(Photos by Justin P. Halloran)The New Jersey bar grilled meats were named Best New York Barbecue, Best New Mexico Barbecue (and best in New Hampshire), and Best New Hampshire Barbecue.

The Barbecue Bar at American Grill was named the best in Massachusetts.(Photos courtesy of American Grill and Instagram)American Grill was also named best New Jersey Restaurant and Best in New Yorker.

The American BBQ is a classic, well-known, and well-loved food that is made fresh daily.

It’s served fresh, on a wooden grill, in an air-conditioned atmosphere.

The food is delicious, fresh and authentic, and it is also served at affordable prices.

The American Bar, the bar and the grill are all part of American.

It was also the winner of the Best American Grilled Chicken and Best American Ribs.

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