The Mexican restaurant scene has been booming for the past couple of years, thanks to the rise of new chains like Margaritas and Tacos de la Noche, which have made Mexico a major destination for tourists and locals alike.

However, it’s a small percentage of Mexico’s restaurants that are still thriving.

And while there are a few local and regional chains that stand out in terms of their quality, you won’t find many places that offer a good meal or even good value.

Here are the top five restaurants in Mexico’s most populous city.1.

La Paz Restaurant & Bar (4th Street)At La Pax Restaurant & Baron, owner Laura de la Barra says she is proud of her staff, who she says are “the best in the world.”

The decor is classic and the food is always tasty.

“We have a lot of good people here, like our cooks, who are very good at what they do,” she says.

“The service is great.

And the prices are very fair.”

You can see the decor and the interior design from this gorgeous rooftop bar.

They’ve got a full-service bar, which is where you can enjoy drinks or appetizers.

La Barra has more than a dozen wine bars, including the one on the roof, which offers a variety of drinks.

For dinner, you can get a plate of tacos with the famous salsa verde sauce.

LaBarra says it’s worth the trip to La Paza.2.

Salsa Verde & Co. (2nd Street)Owner Raul de la Rosa, who also runs La Pajamos, says his restaurant, which has more recently been open in La Pana, is still going strong.

“I have many customers who come here to get their meals, and they go out of their way to come here,” he says.

La Verde has a nice outdoor patio, which serves as a restaurant and bar.

For dessert, you might enjoy an array of drinks, like the margarita with chocolate-chip cookies.

But the best part?

The menu is open to the public and you can try the entire menu for free.3.

Pampas de la Luna (4nd Street and 2nd Avenue)A few years ago, Pampa de la Lunas was one of the first Mexican restaurants to open up in New York City.

It opened a few years later in New Jersey and has since expanded to five other cities.

It’s now one of Mexico ‘s most popular restaurants, according to Pampajos owner Miguel Torres.

“People come here for two reasons: to eat or to enjoy, because the food and the service is fantastic,” he explains.

“For our customers, we want them to feel comfortable here.

It is a place where we don’t ask for anything, we just want them here to have a great meal and enjoy.”

The menu includes dishes like the corn tortillas, which are crispy and sweet, and the enchiladas, which include chicken and meat, and are also delicious.

The place has a small but lively patio, with a view of the Hudson River.

The food is also delicious, and it’s one of Pampos best spots for breakfast.4.

Barro Pampelan (4-11 West 4th Street, 6th Avenue)Owner José María Sánchez says Barro has been in business for more than 30 years.

“In New York, it has become a kind of a cult,” he said.

“But in Mexico, the cult has grown.

“And we also serve a lot more desserts than other Mexican restaurants. “

Because we make our food very fresh and fresh,” he added.

“And we also serve a lot more desserts than other Mexican restaurants.

Our desserts are also very good.”5.

Chucho (5th Street and Broadway)This one is hard to find a good spot for, especially since you can’t go outside.

But that’s not the case for this small, cozy spot on Broadway that is open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., serving food that is mostly Mexican.

Chef Carlos Rodríguez says it was difficult to find the right spot to serve his food at first, but once he did, he was amazed at the quality.

“It is a very small restaurant, but when you have people coming in, it becomes very busy,” he noted.

He adds that he has a few regulars who come in and stay for the entire time.

“They are very friendly,” he adds.6.

Barrio Yerba Buena (6th Street & West Broadway)Owner Javier Martinez says he has been working at Barrio for almost three years now.

He opened Barrio in 2015 and has been there ever since.

“Our goal is to keep making great food,” he explained.

“As the customers

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