Restaurants in Hong Kong are known for their cheap, simple, and tasty food.

But the popular food chain restaurant depot is often overshadowed by the more well-known chain restaurant, which has a long and successful history.

Here’s a look at the history of both.

The history of restaurant depot in Hong kong A photo of the depot in front of the Hong Kong International Airport.

Photo courtesy of Restaurant Depot.

Hong Kong Restaurant Depot is a popular chain of Hong Kong restaurants.

It was founded in 1968 by Hong Kong businessman and restaurateur Hong Kong entrepreneur Hui Hong.

It is one of the oldest franchised restaurants in Hong, having been founded in 1869 and later extended to Shanghai.

The franchise was originally based in Hongkong, with the majority of its staff working in Shanghai.

However, in 1970 the franchise was sold to Hong Kong-based businessman Yau Keng-hung.

Hui later returned to Hongkongs capital Hong Kong and opened the depot restaurant in 1979.

It’s one of Hong kongs most famous restaurants, with over 1,500 locations.

The depot has a reputation for its delicious food, which is often compared to that of McDonalds.

The food was initially served in the depot’s original Chinese style, but since its debut in the 1980s it has become known for its high quality food.

The store has now expanded into a second branch in the city, with new branches opening in the West and East districts of Hongkoung.

The name depot is a play on the word “depot”, which means a store.

The word depot was introduced into Hong Kong in 1868 and came to be used as a slang term to describe the local food.

However since the early 1990s, the name depot has been used to refer to many different restaurants and is a commonly used slang term in Hongks vernacular.

The first depot restaurant, The Hui Hai Restaurant, opened in the first part of the 20th century.

It has been a Hong Kong favourite for many decades.

H.A.H. is a classic Hong Kong restaurant with a classic, Chinese flavour.

The restaurant is known for the traditional fried chicken and noodles.

The menu features dishes such as chicken with sweet and spicy noodles, pork belly and beef ribs, fried chicken with egg and rice, and beef curry.

The owner of the restaurant, Hui, started the restaurant in 1954, with a humble origins in HongKong.

It had a small kitchen and an old-fashioned Chinese kitchen, so the dining room is quite traditional.

The decor and decorating are a mix of the two.

Hai Hai has had a very successful history in Hong-Kong, winning awards at the local awards ceremony in 1985 and the local government awards in 1987.

Huyen Hong, a restaurateur from Hong Kong who is also the owner of HuyEN Restaurant, was one of Hui’s customers in the 1970s and ’80s.

He remembers that Hui used to take the depot to restaurants in other cities to test out the taste of the food and the food was always delicious.

“Hui would often visit the depot for his family’s Chinese restaurant,” he said.

Hien Hung was a well-respected restaurateur who was also one of The Huyens.

He said that the owner used to come in every week and give the restaurant a good review.

“He always loved his customers and always liked to make them happy,” Hien said.

Today, the depot serves traditional Chinese food at low prices, but it is still a popular destination for locals and tourists.

How does the name restaurant depot come from?

The name of the franchise depot restaurant came from the name of Hien Hai restaurant in the 19th century, which was one the first Hong Kong businesses to serve traditional Chinese cuisine.

When Hui first opened the shop, he had a humble background in Hongkyong, which he used to promote his business.

In addition to the traditional Chinese restaurants, he also opened a branch in Shanghai in the early 20th Century.

Hiang Hui is a well known Hong Kong restaurateur and businessman.

He founded the depot with the help of his father in Hong Koung in the 1950s.

It started as a small shop and quickly grew to become one of his favourite restaurants.

Hihyong Hui opened the first depot in 1975, and was named as the owner by his son.

The depot opened its first branch in Hong Kan district in 1979, with branches expanding throughout Hong Kong.

Today the depot is one the largest restaurants in the HongKongs main shopping district.

The original depot was built to accommodate Hui as a customer and as a business partner.

In 1984, the owner started to open a second depot in the East district.

It also expanded to the West district.

Hiyun Hui was one one of my guests at the depot that day.

The new depot is also

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