The city of Charlotte has a number of delicious options to choose from.

Here’s a list of some of them.1.

Chicken Salad with Chicken, Roasted Sweet Potato and Sweet Peppers3.

Chicken and Shrimp Salad with Shrimp, Rice, and Shredded Tomato4.

Fried Egg Salad with Cheddar Cheese and Bacon5.

Chicken Tenders with Cottage Cheese, Onion, Cilantro, and Red Peppers6.

Fried Green Beans with Carrots, Red Pepper, and Cilantro7.

Roasted Chicken Salad8.

Bacon, Chicken and Mushrooms with Red Peppercorns and Cucumber9.

Baked Eggs with Cucumbers, Onion and Garlic10.

Roasting Vegetables with Fresh Tomatoes11.

Crispy Rice with Sweet Potato, Peppers, and Garbanzos12.

Spaghetti and Meatballs with Chicken and Mushroom13.

Roast Beef Sandwich14.

Roasts Beef Sandwich15.

Roaster Pesto and Roasted Vegetables16.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich17.

Fried Chicken Sandwich18.

Roquefort Sandwich19.

Crisp Pork Sandwich20.

Spicy Roasted Pork Sandwich21.

Fried Sweet Potato Salad22.

Gratin Sandwich23.

Griddle Pan with Egg Salad24.

Griddles Bacon, Cheese, and Tomato25.

Grills Crispy Corn on the Cob and Egg Salad26.

Grilling Corn on Top with Spicy Tomato and Bacon27.

Spices and Grills Pork Ribs and Roast Ribs28.

Grillin’ Chicken Salad29.

Grin-A-Lick Sandwich30.

Grinning Chicken Sandwich31.

Spiced Roast Pork Sandwich32.

Spiciness Chicken Sandwich33.

Spick-a-Lime Bacon Sandwich34.

Spicing Grilled Corn Sandwich35.

Spice-y Cheese Sandwich36.

Spigots Bacon Sandwich37.

Spinach and Roaster Meatballs Sandwich38.

Spine-In-The-Sand Bacon Sandwich39.

Spiny Chicken Sandwich40.

Spunky Chicken Sandwich41.

Spuds and Spices Bacon Sandwich42.

Spooky Roast Meatballs sandwich43.

Spotted Pork Sandwich44.

Spud Sandwich45.

Spinach and Sweet Potato Sandwich46.

Spinak Bacon Sandwich47.

Spinacakes Bacon Sandwich48.

Spiders Bacon Sandwich49.

Spunkwich Bacon Sandwich50.

Sweet Potato Cakes51.

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Sandwich52.

Sweet Corn on a Stick53.

Sweet Potatoes with Bacon and Tomato54.

Sweetcorn Sandwich55.

Sweetbreads Bacon and Tomatoes56.

Sweet-Spicy Pork Sandwich57.

Sweet, Spicy and Spicier Bacon Sandwich58.

Sweetened Roasted Tomato Sandwich59.

Sweetrolls Bacon Sandwich60.

Sweet Rolls Bacon Sandwich61.

Sweet Roasted Tomatoes with Cheese62.

Sweet Sweet Potato Bacon Sandwich63.

Sweet Wings Bacon Sandwich64.

Sweet Watermelon and Spiced Potato Bacon sandwich65.

SweetWatermelon and Cabbage Bacon Sandwich66.

Sweety-Spice-Y-Spices Bacon and Pepper Bacon Sandwich67.

Sweet&Spicy Bacon Bacon Sandwich68.

Sweet &Spicy-Y Spicy Chicken Sandwich69.

SweetSpicy Chicken Bacon Sandwich70.

Sweetness and Spice Bacon Sandwich71.

Sweet Spicy-y-spicy Chicken Salad72.

Sweetty-Spicier Chicken Salad73.

Sweetie, Spiciest and Spicky Bacon Sandwich74.


Spicy Peanut Bacon Sandwich75.

Spicerini Bacon Sandwich76.

Spiked Peanut and Tasty Peanut Sandwich77.

Spiky Peanut Chicken Sandwich78.

Spikes Peanut Burger79.

Spikers Peanut Bread Sandwich80.

Spinks Peanut Cake81.

Spinky Peanut Cookies82.

Spinti Peanut Crackers83.

Sponges Peanut Ice Cream84.

Spits, Spits and More Peanut Cream85.

Spit, Spikes and More Spicy Cream86.

Spitz Peanut Butter Sandwich87.

Sporkies Peanut Sandwiches88.

Spoons, Spools, and Spuds Peanut Cheese89.

Spokes and More Snacks and Chips90.

Spoogeys Peanut Muffins91.

Spouters Peanut Slices92.

Sporks and Spoons Peanut Jelly93.

Spun Bread Pudding94.

Spurred Up, Spiked, and Ticked Peanut Pie95.

Sputnik’s Peanut Peanut Soup96.

Spinners and Spinlets Peanut Crisps97.

Spitting Peanut Pies98.

Spitters and Spins Peanut Jam99.

Spittin’ Peanut Shreds100.

Spittering Peanut Desserts101.

Spitty Spiders Peanut Cakes102.

Spitzer, Spitter, and Sucker Peanut Tarts103.

Spittle-Licking Peanut Slice104.

Spinnery Peanut Snack105. Spines, Sp

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