The grocery chain has revealed that it is offering free food and drink to customers who sign up for a trial of its online ordering service, but it has made clear that the offer won’t be extended to the public.

The online food ordering service is available to all customers, and if you choose to pay for your meal with a credit card, you will also be able to order it via the app.

The offer is available on all Australian online stores and is part of a larger initiative to boost loyalty among Australian shoppers.

As part of the initiative, supermarkets will be able order from participating online retailers, which includes some of the country’s biggest chains such as Sainsbury’s, Woolworths, Woolstar and Macquarie Group.

The retailer says that customers will receive a voucher which can be used to pay a fee at the checkout counter or at a nearby restaurant for up to two meals.

The free food will be delivered to customers’ homes or car parks within 24 hours.

“We are delighted to be working with the Australian Food and Drink Federation to extend our partnership with the AFRF and the National Farmers Federation,” Aussie Grocer said in a statement.

“This partnership has enabled us to offer a wide range of food products to our customers and is an important way for us to ensure that we are providing value to our members and provide them with value for their time.”

In recent months, many of the big retailers have faced increasing competition from online competitors.

The US food service giant Walmart has said that it plans to expand its grocery offerings into the United States, and some online retailers have also been hit by the US government’s move to impose new online sales taxes on groceries.

However, the Aussie Food and Drinking Federation said that “free food and drinks will not be available to consumers at checkout”.

In a statement, the federation said that the trial would run from August 21 to September 9 and that the organisation would continue to monitor the trial and make any further changes as required.

“The trial will include a variety of food options including fresh produce, fresh vegetables, meats and fish.

Customers will be encouraged to bring their own containers and prepare their own food at home,” the statement said.

“To learn more about the trial, please visit the AFAF website at

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