Newport Beach, Calif.

— If you’re a Newport Beach native or longtime resident, you probably know about the iconic restaurants that dot the city’s beachfront.

The first of these were the famous Newport Beach Seafood, and then there were the Newport Beach Pizza, the Newport Beer Garden, and the Newport Pub.

But now, as the tide of restaurants continues to recede and the city faces an unprecedented flood of new, more upscale restaurants, the city has come to realize that it might not be able to keep up with the pace of development in its historic downtown area.

“We’ve got some good restaurants in the downtown area, but the restaurants are all moving,” said Chris Johnson, the executive director of the Newport Business Improvement District, which oversees downtown.

“They’re all moving in different directions.

They’re opening up a couple new restaurants.

There’s a lot of restaurants, but a lot more in the Downtown area than Newport Beach has.”

In the past few years, Newport Beach’s downtown has been inundated with restaurants and entertainment.

Many of these new establishments have become staples of the city, including The Greenhouse, which opened in the new Marriott Marquis Hotel at the end of the Harbor Freeway in 2016.

In addition to the restaurant, the hotel has been home to a number of other attractions and events, including a bike race and a concert by the R.E.M. The Green House also serves as a gathering place for Newport Beach residents and visitors, and is now a staple in the city for its annual “Pork, Beef and Beer Festival.”

“We’re trying to create a lot different types of spaces and events that can help to create that type of vibe,” Johnson said.

“There are lots of great things to do in Newport Beach.

But when we see that a lot, we feel like we have to do a little more to create the kind of community that we want.”

The latest example of this is the construction of the new Newport Beach Downtown.

Located at the corner of Harbor Boulevard and the Harbor Island Parkway, the project is expected to create about 1,000 new jobs and improve the citys downtown, which is in dire need of a major renovation.

But many residents say the project will hurt the city and will lead to displacement.

The Newport Business Investment District is working with local and state leaders to develop a strategy to address the challenges facing Newport Beach during this time.

The plan calls for building more retail space and commercial space in downtown and adding a mix of public and private uses.

“It’s not a bad plan.

It’s a good plan,” said Steve Kapp, a Newport business owner and former City Councilman.

“But it’s just not working.

It doesn’t help Newport Beach.”

Newport Beach is a very diverse community, and Johnson is one of many residents who believe the city needs to make significant changes to the way it manages its downtown area to attract new businesses and residents.

“If you look at the downtown and you look back at where we were in 1990, and look at where Newport Beach was in 2008, the downtown is pretty much the same.

It was the center of the economy,” he said.

And while many Newport Beach businesses are now expanding, Johnson said the city is still losing ground.

“The number of new businesses has gone down,” he explained.

“And the number of businesses in the center and the downtown are declining.”

The Newport Downtown is the latest example in a growing trend in Newport that’s happening in the greater Los Angeles region.

A growing number of residents in Los Angeles have begun to shift their daily lives to work from their homes, and that’s led to a change in the way businesses are run in the area.

Some of the newest restaurants and bars are located in downtown areas like Downtown Los Angeles, where residents and tourists can now expect to see a mix between new businesses, bars and restaurants, and old ones.

The trend is happening in places like Hollywood, where businesses are opening in old movie theaters, as well as in South Los Angeles and other neighborhoods.

While the Newport Downtown will likely continue to see growth, Johnson thinks that the changes will ultimately help Newport grow.

“What we need is to be careful about what we’re doing, but not overly worried about it,” he emphasized.

“This is the next big thing.

We have to get to it.”

The goal of the Downtown Downtown Strategy is to “develop and revitalize the downtown, bringing new jobs, jobs, and new amenities to downtown,” according to the plan.

The Downtown Downtown is expected in the next several years to create nearly 2,000 jobs and create about $200 million in new tax revenue for the city.

Johnson said that while the Downtown will not have the same number of restaurants as the old Newport Beach and its surrounding areas, it will continue to have many more attractions and activities that will bring people downtown.

The goal is to create and revitalise the downtown that is so popular in the past,

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