A new vegan diet is about to make its way to your dining room tables, and the food you’re going to be eating isn’t the only thing you’re eating.

The most surprising thing about the new veganism that is set to make the rounds is the amount of food that’s being served.

That’s because vegans have always been a little more fussy than most of us, according to research published by The New York Times.

What’s new is that they’re eating a lot more than we are.

The food that is being served at restaurants across the country is far less processed and preservative-laden than most American diet foods, according a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

That means less of the animal products and added sugar that most Americans are used to eating.

So what are you going to eat this summer?

There are many foods that are vegan that will be a part of your diet, but there are also some that you may not be familiar with.

Here are 10 new vegan options that you should try.


Chickpeas, black beans and kale Salad with black beans, kale and zucchini, $8.50 at the Garden Market in Alexandria, Va. 2.

Sweet potato pie with roasted sweet potatoes, black olives, garlic butter and pecans, $12 at The Farm, in Farmington Hills, Mich.


Veggie burger with fried tofu, black rice, sweet potato fries and red onions, $13 at The Big O in Los Angeles, Calif.


Cheesy chicken and avocado salad, $11 at La Vida Loca, in Miami Beach, Fla.


Sweet and spicy chickpea salad with roasted chickpeas and cucumber, $14 at Denny’s in Atlanta, Ga. 6.

Spicy kale and tomato salad, with black bean sauce, avocado, cucumber and white cheddar, $10 at La Oasis in Fort Worth, Texas.


Quinoa salad with green beans, cilantro, tomatoes, chickpeaches, and roasted red peppers, $15 at The Greenhouse, in San Francisco, Calif .


Crispy tofu and avocado with black rice and quinoa, $9 at The Bistro on Broadway in New York City.


Quiche with vegan chili and black beans for $14.95 at El Rey at The Greek, in Brooklyn, N.Y. 10.

Sweet corn with vegan pimento cheese and red onion, $17.99 at The Farmer’s Market in Washington, D.C. You can get your first taste of vegan food at any of these restaurants, but the list is always growing.

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