I don’t know what’s in this menu.

There is no menu.

That’s why there’s no menu at this restaurant.

The menu is on a table in front of the restaurant.

There are no signs.

There’s nothing there, so there’s nothing in there.

The chef and the manager of the business have a table with no plates and no chairs.

The manager of this restaurant, it’s called Little Italy, does not have a menu.

So it’s like a restaurant that has no food.

It’s not a restaurant at all.

There may be some food in there, but it’s nothing.

But the chef of Little Italy has his own menu.

It has no menus.

So, it seems that there is no one else on the menu at Little Italy.

You can say that this restaurant has no menu because there are no tables, but I don,t think that’s right.

I don.t think they have a business.

I think they are a business of their own.

I.n that way, it is a business, you know, because it’s a restaurant, but not a business at all, because the chef does not want to be a business person, he wants to be on the restaurant’s menu.

I can tell you that this is the chef’s first restaurant.

And I don?t know how he knows this, because he hasn’t visited the restaurant before.

He hasn’t gone there.

He just came here.

This is the first restaurant that he has come to and the restaurant that I have worked for, I believe.

So he comes to this restaurant and it’s not the first time he comes here.

I have to tell you this.

If he hadn’t come here, he would have left the restaurant and been gone for a long time.

But he comes and he stays and he knows that he?s on the chef?s table, so he knows what he?ll be able to order from the menu.

He has to order what he likes.

I mean, the chef has the same thing here, which is, if you want to have a special dish, you have to ask him to come over here, and he won?t do that.

But if you order from his table, you?ll get a special thing.

The waiter won?

t ask for a special.

But, I mean he has a different attitude.

So that?s the way I think.

It is, I think, in the way of this business that this business has.

And it?s a very simple business.

So I think that I?m not wrong in saying that, you can say, he is on the wrong side of this, but this is a very basic business that we have.

So this is not the best of restaurants.

It?s not the worst.

But this is just the way that this company has to be run.

So what is the business?


s about being able to have the food that you want and not be forced to buy it from a store.

So the restaurant is a little Italian restaurant.

It doesn?t have a kitchen.

It didn?t need one.

And they are not selling it for the sake of selling it.

They are selling it to make a living.

So when you come here you want the food.

The food comes from the kitchen.

And so the chef is the owner of this place.

So there?s no manager.

There?s just the chef.

The kitchen is his and it?

s his.

And he has the right to order the food and it can be made.

And the chef doesn?

t have to do anything.

He?s free to order whatever he wants and to cook whatever he likes as long as it doesn?

T go.

So all the time you are on the table, there is food.

And there is the waiter.

And everything is done by him.

The whole business is the restaurant, so the whole business goes through the chef and not through the kitchen staff.

The restaurant does not take money from the customers.

And in this restaurant the chef, the manager, the chefs, the cook, all have the same attitude and the same rules.

The managers are free to decide what the restaurant will do and the chef can decide what he wants.

And that?

s how the restaurant works.

It all happens.

And you?re in charge of it all.

But it is the way you?ve got to operate in this business.

There have been some people that have been in this country for a few years and they say, “You?re making money here, you don?

t need to go to the bank and borrow money from people and sell their homes to pay for your expenses.”

Well, they?re not here to sell their houses.

I am here to make money.

And all I want

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